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Key Benefits

OBOL Service Benefits 



  • One initial call to us, a specialized emergency staff facilitates all of the necessary preparation and transportation from the site of death, to anywhere around the world.

  • OBOL Service accesses a world wide network of highly trained emergency transport providers who adhere to the highest standards.

  • Unlike short term travelers insurance, our mission is to get our customers home quickly regardless of expense.

  • Unlike other insurance, we provide a lifetime benefit that brings you home, not to the nearest port, consulate, or international airport.

  • OBOL Service pays for all of the services we provide with no financial cap and no additional expenses for those services.

  • The OBOL Service network provides assistance in obtaining discounted airfare for returning family members, co-workers and pets.

  • There are no exclusions to pre-existing conditions, no age restrictions, or extreme sports.



  • We Keep It Simple: Enroll today. Live life as planned. 

  • We Put You First: We spare no expense to get you back from the site of death, to anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • We Manage Every Detail: All logistics, documents, communication & diplomatic requirements so you don’t have to.

  • We Share the Facts: Every year, 80% of Americans 18 years and older take a trip 75 miles or more away from home.

  • We Recommend: Asking your corporate accountant about potential tax write-offs for the OBOL Service plan.

  • We Protect: Estates from potentially spending thousands of unnecessary dollars.

You are covered for life. 
Contact us to speak with an authorized representative.
100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How The Plan Works

  • In the event a customer dies while more than 75 miles from their legal residence*, the OBOL Service plan will return the mortal remains from the site of death, to anywhere around the world.

  • Regardless of their legal residence, allowing family and friends the flexibility to choose what is right for them.


  • We identify reputable, local, licensed funeral homes, mortuaries, or direct disposition facilities to provide the highest level of care for the deceased. This includes all aspects of care including the preparation and transport for embalming and cremation.


  • OBOL can assist anywhere in the world and manages all aspects of the return of the remains to alleviate the burden, stress, and complication of returning a loved one or employee to their family. 

    • Logistics

    • Customs paperwork

    • Permits

    • Diplomatic requirements

    • Documents


  • The OBOL Service plan has access to a worldwide network of highly trained emergency transport providers who adhere to the highest standards. Dedicated to the highest quality of service, our providers rigorously manage all cases to ensure no added stress or uncertainty during the process.


  • If a family has previously selected a funeral home or mortuary, we will facilitate complete collaboration with that chosen service provider.


  • To ensure no added stress or complications for our customers’ families; OBOL providers follow a strict and clearly defined set of procedures during the time of need. In addition, we encourage and facilitate emergency message transmissions between family members to promote meaningful and timely communication during the entire process.


  • OBOL facilitates the return of any accompanying companion(s) and/or pet(s) by coordinating travel arrangements on behalf of the customers’ family as closely as possible to the transportation schedule  of the loved one’s remains.


  • OBOL understands the emotional difficulties during such times, and offers access to bereavement counseling when more than 75 miles away from home.

  • If enrollment of the OBOL Service Plan occurs while 75 miles away from the legal residence*, return of remains benefit becomes effective upon the customer's return to the legal residence for subsequent travel.

*Legal residence is defined as the place of residence of 180 or more days in the twelve months preceding the date of death. It will require verification through voter registration, driver's registration, and/or other means. A nursing home will be deemed the residence if the stay there has exceeded 180 days.


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