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Industry and Business
An innovative
benefit to
attract and retain the best talent for your company.

Corporate Memberships

You provide your employees with healthcare and other benefits because it's good for business and good for them. It doesn't matter if they are on the road visiting a customer or at the lake with their family, you can show your employees that you're committed to their well-being. 

Differentiate yourself by offering innovative benefits enhancing

your ability to attract and retain the best talent.

We understand the importance in planning for the unexpected. When you’re flying, driving, traveling for work or pleasure, you can do it worry free.

OBOL Service plans are guaranteed and cover hundreds of thousands of customers, providing emergency away from home protection. The OBOL Service plan was created to assist business employees and families who travel 75 miles or more away from home.

Q. Are you prepared to offer your employees and their families the peace of mind in case of a death?

A. We are staffed 24 hours a day, nationally and internationally, by highly trained staff who facilitate the

transport, expenses and details when a death has occurred without further worry or additional expenses. Our 6 international and national call centers speak over 100 languages so you will never be alone.

Q. What if my company contracts with self employed individuals?

A. OBOL Service plans are a perfect alternative for companies who are not ready to hire employees and offer benefits, but want to show their contractors they care. We can work directly with your HR Department or your contractors and we would be happy to talk with them on an individual or group basis.

Q. Can you guarantee that our employees or their families won’t incur personal costs when a death occurs away from home, on the job?

A. We provide this affordable benefit so your company does not incur the expense, nor your employee's family. There is no charge beyond the cost of membership. However, we cannot reimburse for any arrangements made by someone else. Let us, the professionals, make the necessary arrangements. Everyone is protected.

What Types of Companies Use OBOL?

Companies differentiating themselves by offering innovative benefits to attract and retain the best talent.​


Companies looking to save money, save their employees money, build their product line offering, and increase employee satisfaction.

Companies and employees who don’t want to mess with claim forms, deductions, age

restrictions and health questions.

Companies interesting in the tax advantages of

the OBOL Service plan.

Companies who provide their employees benefits because it's good for them and good for business.


Companies that understand the costs related to transportation, documentation, and procurement are complex and costly.

Companies that are aware that employees are relocating more often for work, resulting in people having to be returned home to another state for burial.

Companies paying high costs for other benefits when the OBOL Service has no exclusions to pre-existing conditions, no age restrictions, or extreme sports limitations, and no deductibles.

Travel, Leisure & Sports
Individuals and Families

We Serve Everyone

Each year, 80% of adults take a trip 75 miles or more away from home.

OBOL Service is a simple, practical, and affordable way to protect your estate from potentially huge financial liabilities. Whenever you or someone you know leaves home, whether it be for school, business or recreation, the risk exists. 

We understand the importance in planning for the unexpected. When you’re flying, driving, studying abroad, or motoring down Route 66, you can do it worry free because our service takes care of the cost and logistics for you. OBOL Service is designed to be simple, and one call if ever needed.

The lifetime OBOL Service plan is guaranteed and covers hundreds of thousands of customers, providing emergency away from home death protection.

Q. What is the OBOL SERVICE plan?
A. Common in Europe, travel plans like the OBOL Service plan, picks up where your insurance falls short. Our services are an addition to the common sense decisions you make every day to protect yourself, your loved ones and employees. Like auto, home and health coverage, people plan for the unexpected because it’s the responsible choice to make.

Q. How come I have never heard of this type of coverage?
A. You see news stories, people using popular websites to raise money when emergencies occur, but people don’t like to think or talk about emergency situations or worse, passing away. At OBOL we think differently. Everyone should be educated briefly about the realities we see every day, so that you don’t have to think about it again. Every person should have the opportunity to protect themselves, their loved one and employees in a cost effective way with a lifetime benefit.

Q. Why Should I Join?
A. Everyone should be protected. Life insurance is for the living. It takes weeks or months to collect the funds and a funeral home’s service area is very limited. No one knows where they will be when they pass away. Our research shows that most people aren’t aware of who to call to make the transport arrangements, or the high costs associated with such an event. You should be enjoying life worry free and let the experts teamed with OBOL Service handle the rest.

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