Death Can Happen To
Anyone, Anytime,

And when anywhere is miles out on the road,
OBOL is here to protect you.

Would you or your company know what to do in the event a death occurs 75 miles or more from home? One call to us will ensure the timely, compassionate return of you, your loved one or an employee, at no cost beyond the membership enrollment.

  • No Exclusions 

  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • All-Inclusive Coverage

  • Worry-Free Protection                                    (we handle it all for you)

  • National & International

Do you know the average costs of
bringing a body back home?

"We see thousands of accidents driving cross country. We know what happens out there. These are simple. They make sense."                                                                                -Steven C.C, Terminal Manager                     

What is OBOL Service?

OBOL is a full service, take-charge death from anywhere coverage. When the unexpected happens 75 miles or more away from home, OBOL takes care of it all for you. From managing all the difficult details and documents, to covering the expenses of transportation from the site of death, to anywhere around the world – and much more. OBOL saves you time and money, while giving you peace of mind.


OBOL Service is proud to stand with Folds of Honor because we care about providing educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members. We contribute a portion
of our sales back to Folds of Honor.
You are covered for life. 
100% satisfaction guaranteed.

 Transportation benefits are provided by OBOL Service through American Pre-Arrangement Services, Inc., the world's largest provider of international pre-arrangement assistance services and are fully insured with an international travel assistance network that has serviced Fortune 500 firms for more than 20 years. OBOL Service reserves the right to change providers for services and add, delete or modify any of the non-transport services or benefits by posting a notice on the website.

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