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Why Andrew Started OBOL

A few years ago, I was in an airport waiting for a friend before our visit to Thailand. While there, I met a wonderful family who was preparing to fly overseas so that they could return home with a loved one, who had passed away suddenly. I learned from them that not only was it a traumatizing experience, but it was also a very confusing one, since they were not prepared for such an event, nor did they know what to do when faced with it. Because of their lack of knowledge, it took this mother and father over 3 weeks, which they said felt like an eternity, to be reunited with their passed child and be able to bring him home.

The family eventually boarded their flight and I continued to wait for my friend. I found myself looking around and noticed all the happy faces of those who were about to get on flights for various reasons. I found myself deep in thought, wondered if any of those happy faces would know what to do if presented with the loss of a loved one or friend while they were away from home. Would they be just as confused and scared as the family I had just met? Would they even know who their first phone call should be? It was at that moment that I knew I needed to help others so that they would never have to experience what the family I met just had.

Losing someone that you care about is difficult enough. The added stressors of wondering what to do, who to call, how long the process could take, or how much it could cost can all be avoided. I thought, if only all these people who were about to visit someone or someplace had previously purchased an away from home membership protection plan they would never have to endure the additional pain that this family had to. Thus, began my journey to educate individuals and groups on the importance of having this protection and shortly thereafter this company was born.

                                                                                                       - Andrew J. Pavela

Andrew Pavela Bio

Andrew Pavela has been driven by these words since the time he first started selling the Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan.


Growing up in a humble and hardworking family, Andrew was raised under the attentive eye of his mother, Dolores Pavela. She taught him early on, through her words and actions, that no matter how bad things may seem, there are people experiencing worse, and that he should always be kind towards others. Those lessons truly resonated with Andrew and he has always prided himself on being empathetic towards others, which was a main reason for starting OBOL Service.

After graduating with a  degree in Marketing and Communications from Western Illinois University, Andrew spent several years working within the Transportation Leasing and Finance industry as well as  the Insurance industry, with a  focus in Pre-Need Funeral Funding. Andrew found himself developing many programs and partnerships that ultimately led to a successful career and sparked a passion to be an entrepreneur. It was  during Andrew’s tenure within the Pre-Need Funeral Funding industry that he first heard about the Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan, primarily offered in the funeral industry. Andrew learned that this service greatly benefits families during unimaginable times. He soon envisioned a way to protect millions of additional families, both financially and emotionally, by expanding this offering to various other industries. This led to Andrew launching OBOL Service in July of 2017.


Andrew has achieved many exciting successes in life, but it is his family that brings him the most joy. He and his wife, Valerie, have two wonderful children, Caden and Cameron, along with two dogs, Gunner and Bailey. In their free time, which is rare these days, they do enjoy traveling, playing tennis and discovering new places to dine. 


Andrew previously competed in martial arts and boxing; he still enjoys watching them today, but more so enjoys watching his favorite sports teams, the Chicago White Sox, Blackhawks, Bears, Bulls and the Florida State University Seminoles.


Over the course of his 25 year career, Andrew has accomplished many remarkable feats, both professionally and personally. He is eager to continue helping others, now in a greater capacity, as the leader of OBOL Service.

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